Banks Power Twin Turbocharger System – Chev Sml Blk / Aftr Blk /Std Hds

Banks Power Twin Turbocharger System – Chev Sml Blk / Aftr Blk /Std Hds


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The Power To Stop Traffic. If you are a do-it-yourselfer, Gale Banks Engineering offers the complete Twin-Turbo kit to fit GM small-block V-8 engines. Installation by a competent mechanic can be completed in one weekend. The Banks Twin-Turbo system offers tremendous performance and economy in a classic package from the company that never compromises. The Banks Twin-Turbo SBC product line is not based upon specific vehicle fitment. It is based upon a Chevy small block or comparable Dart small block engine with aftermarket EFI fuel and ignition system. Combining thousands of hours logged on the Banks dynamometers plus on-the-road testing, has resulted in a truly solid calibration, which works equally well with manual or automatic transmissions. Idle quality, drivability, mileage, and wide-open throttle have all been addressed with this sealed calibration. The calibration is designed to provide safe fuel and spark management with a minimum of 91 octane fuel for everyday driving, and 100 octane fuel for maximum boost situations. All components of the Banks Twin-Turbo SBC system are designed and manufactured for ultimate performance. From the system calibration to the turbos themselves, the assurance of durability and reliability is never in question. Driving is a smooth, pulse-pounding power fest that gives you the nailed back in your seat thrill you’d expect from Banks. And the efficiency of our compressor design helps to reduce inlet air temperatures to acceptable levels, eliminating the need for an intercooler. Built by Banks to our own strict specifications for optimum performance. The Banks Twin-Turbo system can be customized to your application and includes necessary components. Polishing, chrome plating, anodizing and color coordination can all be worked out to create the desired finished product.
Fits Aftermarket block w/Standard port heads
FOR GM/DART SMALL BLOCKS;Available with up to 1100 hp;Complete turbo systems include everything needed to turbocharge your long block;Includes High-pressure wastegates
Chevy Small Block, Aftermarket Block, Standard Heads


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