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Sportbike New 2022 Kawasaki Z900 ABS


  • NEXT-LEVEL TECH: Fitted with high-grade electronics, the Z900 ABS merges raw power with state-of-the-art technology.
  • TAKE CONTROL: Kawasaki Traction Control (KTRC) features three modes that allow the rider to set the level of electronic assistance for increased rider confidence. Mode 1 provides the least amount of assistance with sport riding in mind. Mode 2 offers earlier assistance and features balanced sport riding support. Mode 3 offers the most assistance, allowing riders to navigate challenging road conditions with confidence.
  • PERSONALIZED POWER: Set power delivery to Full Power or limit output (to 55%) with Low Power mode for enhanced manageability, giving you the extra control you need.
  • CHOOSE YOUR STYLE: Riding modes combine KTRC settings and Power Modes to optimize your riding experience, adapting to conditions and preferences. Select between Sport, Road, Rain or Manual and tailor the trip to a variety of situations.
  • GET CONNECTED: Bluetooth® Smartphone Connectivity (using RIDEOLOGY THE APP*) connects you with your bike like never before, allowing you to view vehicle info, riding log and phone notifications. *RIDEOLOGY THE APP is not intended for use during vehicle operation. Only use RIDEOLOGY THE APP when the vehicle is not being operated and it is safe to do so. All trademarks, registered trademarks, logos, and copyrights are the property of their respective owners.


  • BECOME ONE: Sporty and relaxed upright ergonomics with heads-up visibility allows for a commanding ride position that places the rider “in” the bike for a confident and connected riding experience.
  • EASY & RELAXED: Seat and footpeg position is an integral part of the rider triangle. Low seat height and tapered seat shape for easy foot placement at stops. Seat shape is wide at the rear for added comfort and cornering leverage. The footpeg position of the Z900 ABS motorcycle offers a relaxed knee bend for rider comfort.
  • WIDE & COMFORTABLE: A wide flat handlebar provides ideal leverage for higher-speed cornering and low-speed maneuvering in the city and confined environments.


  • SUPERB BALANCE OF POWER AND HANDLING: With an optimized power-to-weight ratio, the Z900 ABS motorcycle delivers the ultimate supernaked performance.
  • MODERN & LIGHTWEIGHT: The 948cc inline four-cylinder engine delivers raw power with incredible torque, broad power delivery and exhilarating acceleration.
  • AGILE & RESPONSIVE: The Z900 ABS chassis is lightweight, narrow and strong. Front and rear suspension settings are designed to match the frame. While Dunlop Sportmax Roadsport 2 tires—made of high-performance rubber—boost handling and provide optimum grip.
  • SPORTY & RESPONSIVE: The 41mm inverted front fork with adjustable rebound damping and spring preload is responsive and progressive for confident handling with a high level of feedback.
  • PERFORMANCE & COMFORT: The horizontal back-link rear suspension with adjustable spring preload and stepless rebound damping contributes to a high level of handling response, ride comfort and rear wheel traction.
  • SUPERB ACCELERATION: The Z900 ABS motorcycle features short gearing for quicker shifts and exhilarating acceleration in urban environments and backroads.
  • ASSIST & SLIPPER: An Assist and Slipper clutch provides a lighter feel at the lever and a back-torque limiting function that helps prevent rear-wheel hop during more aggressive downshifts.


  • THRILLING & LIVELY: The Z900 ABS motorcycle makes rider experience a top priority whether you’re throttling through twisty back roads, city streets or cruising the open highway.
  • SEE AND BE SEEN: Sporty upright riding position and minimalist bodywork promotes forward view and places the rider in the environment for heightened excitement and intensity.
  • TACTILE SENSATION: Constructed from high-tensile steel, the stronger trellis frame adds strength to the swingarm pivot. Along with highly capable suspension settings, the horizontal-backed linked rear suspension positions the shock unit and linkage above the lightweight aluminum swing arm to deliver sporty performance and comfort.
  • EXHILARATING & FUN: The infectious intake sound enhances the sensation of acceleration. The engine “inhales” in response to opening the throttle.


  • RAW & REFINED: Featuring Sugomi™ -inspired styling, the Z900 ABS motorcycle has noticeably aggressive shrouds, fuel tank cover, and under cowls. They’re compact and undeniably contribute to the sharp image.
  • FIERCE & PREDATOR-LIKE: The muscular image is inspired by Sugomi™, a design philosophy that integrates aggressive lines with minimalist bodywork to draw attention to functional beauty.
  • SLEEK & STYLISH: Built with symmetry and balance in mind, the seamlessly-integrated front cowl, windscreen and meter impresses with clean, precise design.
  • SHARP & AGGRESSIVE: The LED headlamp, position lamps, license plate lamp and turn signals are agressively designed and unmistakable.
  • USEFUL INFORMATION AT A GLANCE: 4.3-inch all-digital TFT (thin-film transistor) color instrumentation gives the cockpit a high-tech, high-grade appearance and visibility. The screen’s background color is selectable (black or white), and screen brightness adjusts automatically to suit available light. Display functions include: digital speedometer, digital bar-style tachometer, gear position indicator, shift lamp, fuel gauge, odometer, dual trip meters, current and average fuel consumption, remaining range, average speed, total time, coolant temperature, clock, battery voltage, Kawasaki service reminder, oil change reminder and the Kawasaki Economical Riding Indicator.
Type Motorcycles
Category Sportbike
Mileage 0ml
Engine 948 cc
Year 2022
Color Pearl Robotic White / Metallic Spark Black
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